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All Pressure Washings are NOT the same
Pro vs. Amateur

Over my many years of experience and wisdom, I have learned that there is a substantial difference between the professional and the amateur when it comes to power washing the property in which you have invested. Your home is a large investment to leave in the hands of an amateur that comes onto your property with a pressure washer from Home Depot and a ladder with the intention of BLASTING the visible mold off with high pressure doing destruction that will take you some time to realize and learn that the damage done is irreversible. Some amateurs have learned that bleach will help the job get done faster with no clue as to how to use it responsibly causing the chalkiness on vinyl siding and etching the glass on your windows and doors. The professional such as myself and other pros have their own techniques but are similar. Our equipment is much larger, stronger and much more expensive. We are using soaps, degreasers, small amounts of sodium hypochlorite to completely kill mold and remove stains before rinsing. Surfactants are added as well as rinse agents to improve rinsing so that ALL chemicals are removed and leaving no residue. Washing your home with my technique will keep your home cleaner longer and preserve the life of the materials used to construct your home.